We are people first and foremost committed to being part of the positive difference who take that commitment into creating products designed to speak life, share hope, and celebrate one another. Together (yes that includes YOU!) we strive to be all about seeing and creating positive possibilities all around us.

From daily inspirational thoughts to musicart and greeting cards, that inspires and affirms the immense value, potential and dignity of every human being,  our offerings are as diverse as each other, precisely as an expression of just how much potential for life there is when we enter into the art of seeing and celebrating all that unites us so deeply that we can once and for all leave behind whatever could divide us. When we get there, we have learned to truly love, we find hope, and come to know the true joy that leads to harmony, peace and lasting happiness, within and all around.

All that can start with just one word.

Just one life giving word can and will lead to many times more equivalent actions and reactions that beget life, hope, love and all that is true and beautiful. The more frequently and consistently we choose to speak these kinds of words when we speak, the greater the possibilities of becoming co-creators/generators of limitless possibilities together.

We are all created for that kind of greatness, and to find the joy we are created for in that greatness. We carry that deep desire within us, yet it is not always easy to do, at least not when we try to go at it alone. But the good news is, we are not. We are also here to remind you of that.

Every word, once uttered, becomes alive. Words create. And as such words have the potential to give life and generate hope, unity, harmony, peace, understanding, healing, freedom, possibilities,  joy.

So let’s speak life, let’s BE life, BE love, BE hope, and BE blessed, together. Welcome to Beyond the Word.


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