Time To Go Beyond… Beyond The Word

Every word, once uttered, becomes alive. Words create. Words give life. What to? That depends on what we choose. That’s the great news, we can choose.

What are you and I giving life to? Are we speaking life? Are our words bridges that connect people and lead to positive possibilities? We all can say yes to these questions from time to time, yet what if we were to become a little more intentional, enough to be able to say yes to these questions most if not all of the time? And what if we were to help each other do that?

Beyond the Word is dedicated to use the power of the word to go beyond words into action. Action that helps build hope, unity, harmony, understanding, and a better world. And as we do this we encourage and support YOU and yours on that quest so we can achieve great things together.

The cool thing is that such lofty goals are attainable in the simplest of ways: just speak life, share life, celebrate life with one another.

And so that is what we do. We speak life and create products that we can all use to share and celebrate  life with one another. From daily inspirational thoughts to greeting cards, music, and art that inspires, our offerings are as diverse as each other, precisely as an expression of just how much potential for beauty and unity there is in our very diversity.

More to come. Meanwhile, let’s keep connected. Join our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/gobeyondtheword

You may also write us at gobeyondtheword@gmail.com